QuiltCon West: Why We're Excited & You Should Be Too!

(Photo Credit: Quilt Con Facebook) (Photo Credit: Quilt Con Facebook)

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We may be singing a song usually related to the winter holidays, but with QuiltCon West as close as it is, we can't help ourselves from getting excited to the point of humming happy tunes. For modern quilt makers and quilt lovers alike, QuiltCon is THE event of the year! (It's like Christmas in February... so we weren't too off base singing that song.) We have so much to share with you about this show- we're literally busting at the seams with information, anticipation and enthusiasm. Deep breath. It's about to get quilt-tastic up in here.

Sizzix_Booth1 (Sizzix Quilting Booth Quilt Con 2015)

Pasadena, California- HERE WE COME!!! We are so excited to have QuiltCon this year in California (Sizzix Headquarter's home state representing!) and we promise, those of you traveling out to this event will not object to our sunshiney, summer-like weather. We will be in booth 220 with quilting makes, projects and a fantastic 20% off on all products we are selling at the show, including some triangle dies to celebrate the Modern Quilt Guild's featured shape. But what we're most excited about are the people we will have at our booth with us! We have a special visitor coming to our booth on Friday, February 19th and Saturday February 20th- Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Co! We cannot wait to see her (and show her our super cool Southern California snowballs we made with her Circle Magic die). To add the cherry on top, the amazing Victoria Findlay Wolfe will also be at our booth on Saturday, February 20th from 11am-12:15pm and again on Sunday, February 21st from 2pm-3pm. (Is it time to head to Pasadena yet?)

(Victoria Findlay Wolfe Book Signing Quilt Con 2015) (Victoria Findlay Wolfe Book Signing Quilt Con 2015)

We love Victoria Findlay Wolfe- and if her schedule for QuiltCon this year is any proof, so does the entire quilting world! From classes, to book signings to spending time at not only our Sizzix Quilting Booth, but Juki's Booth and the Marcus Booth as well, we can't help but feel grateful for the time we will get with Victoria during this awesome show. (If you need more Victoria in your life, don't forget to check out her Blog, Facebook, and Instagram for constant updates and some awesome quilting makes!)

(Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilt Con Classes 2016) (Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilt Con Classes 2016)

Victoria Findlay Wolfe's QuiltCon West Schedule (Plan for when you can see/meet her!)

  • Thursday, Feb 18th: Sizzix Class with Pies & Points die
  • Friday, Feb 19th: Stretch Hex & Tumbler Quilt Class
  • Saturday, Feb 20th:
    *10am-11am: Juki Booth (322)
    *11am-12:15pm: Sizzix Quilting Booth (220)
    *1pm: Book Signing (C&T Publishing Booth 520)
    *3pm: Creativity & Process Lecture
    *4pm-5:30pm: Marcus Booth (630)
  • Sunday, Feb 21st:
    *10am-12pm: Marcus Booth (630)
    *12pm-1pm: Juki Booth (322)
    *2pm-3pm: Sizzix Booth (220)

It's SO incredibly awesome when one of our Sizzix Design Team members is teaching a class at a show like QuiltCon. Rebecca Bryan of Bryan House Quilts is teaching (and sharing her love of color) on Thursday, February 18th. This is a class that you definitely don't want to miss, as Rebecca will be sharing her tips, tricks, knowledge and expertise on advanced piecing. We have SO many awesome and amazing design team members who have created some truly amazing quilt makes. Get your quilting on before heading out to Pasadena and check out our design team's 12 Awesome Quilt Makes. But don't blame us if you miss your flight because you got inspired to start quilt making.

We cannot wait to see you all in the next few days at QuiltCon! If you can't make it to the show, don't fret! We'll be live updating from our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope accounts! (And if you stop by to visit and post a pic, don't forget to tag us with #sizzixquilting) What are you most excited for with QuiltCon West?

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5 thoughts on “QuiltCon West: Why We're Excited & You Should Be Too!”

  • Ruth Yobs

    Will the classes be available on video on the web site? I live in Pennsylvania and unable to be there.

  • Jessica

    What is the difference between the big shot and the quilting big shot? Thanks

  • Rachael Palos
    Rachael Palos Feb 16, 2016 at 08:53 am

    I hope to make it. Beautiful quilts.

  • Geri Bonomo

    Well, looking at the pics I hope you will offer some of those lovely creations as patterns. I have your big shot and quite a few of your quilting dies...a very good product...looking for more offerings....

  • oty jordan

    excelente trabajo muy creativo me gusto mucho la combinacion de colores

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