Available Now At Retailers: Chrome Precision Base Plate

Available Now At Retailers: Chrome Precision Base Plate

There's a new base plate in town and if you like using our intricate thinlit dies, you're going to love this nifty little tool! Our Chrome Precision Base Plate delivers a perfect cut every time. Take a look below at how we're changing up the intricate die game with this amazing new precision base plate:

While our Chrome Precision Base Plate is the same as our existing Precision Base Plate in a lot of ways, there is one very distinct difference. So while it will still helps cut a wide variety of materials like burlap, craft plastic, craft metal, fabric, craft aluminum, canvas, lightweight suede, lambskin and thin cork..this little guy will NEVER get indented!

Available Now At Retailers: Chrome Precision Base Plate

Our existing Precision Base Plate is awesome, but much like a cutting pad, it needs to get replaced after so many uses. We looked and looked to see if there was something we could do about that and we finally found a solution! With this new base plate, you will be able to run your intricate dies over and over again with the certainty that they will never leave marks on your plate. Even after 1000 passes through our machine you're base plate will still look good as new!

We do have just one warning, as amazing as this nifty tool is, we advise against using it in your Big Shot Plus machine as damage will occur due to the 2 roller technology the Big Shot Plus has.

But it will work in your Big Shot, You Vagabond Your Big Shot Pro, Big Shot Express, and your BIGkick, which is pretty exciting and even more exciting- you can get it now at your local craft store!

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