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10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California

10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California

All quilting seams lead here, to the Road to California Quilters Conference and Showcase! Starting today and ending Sunday, January 24th, we will be excitedly taking part in this awesome conference, (along with Missouri Star Quilt Co) here in Ontario, California. In keeping with Road to California's top 1O reasons to attend on their Facebook, we felt it would be fun to come up with our 10 reasons for you to visit our booth at this amazing show!

10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California

1.) We have an AMAZING team. With both Linda and Kathy from our Quilting Department, (Linda is throwing a stuffed snowball at the camera in the picture above) and several other fantastic Sizzix team members, we are ready and enthusiastic to share with you some awesome Sizzix Quilting spectacularness. We promise that once you come visit us at our booth, (booth 900), you will leave with a smile, and quite possibly, an arm full of quilting goodies.

10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California

2.) Purchase dies at the booth- with exclusive discounts! We have a vast collection of Sizzix Quilting dies here with us, just for you! From our newest Fall Releases to our favorite Kid Giddy Dolls, to Baby Booties and Baby Bibs; these dies have been carefully selected just for this show! But what about these "exclusive discounts" we just mentioned? All dies and machines at the show will be 20% off when purchased. (Can we just label this a quilting holiday now?)

10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California3.) Have you seen all of the new and incredible Fall Release dies we have? We have been having sew much fun with these dies that have been making some heads turn, both on our blog and at the CHA Megashow in Anaheim a few weeks ago. We've had our Sizzix Design Team making some amazing projects with these dies- and the creativity continues to grow with each new die they use for their quilting makes. We cannot wait to share with you how awesome these dies are- and how awesome they work in our Big Shot Plus!



10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California4.) Stop what you're doing and go take a look at Kid Giddy's Softie Collection, This is the epitome of cuteness overload. From completely customizable Dolls, to adorable Hedgehogs and Party Foxes- We are beyond excited to show off these amazing makes- and may even have a little surprise doll named Ivy for you to get to know....

10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California

5.) The cool thing about making Baby Booties is that with Sizzix Quilting, it doesn't matter if you're a rookie or a pro- these sporty little shoes are fun and easy to make; but, even more importantly, they are the perfect accessory for your baby's feet! We'll be showing off these awesome little kicks, and maybe even demonstrating how quick and easy it is to make them.

10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California6.) For the littlest mouth to feed comes the sweetest creation- Baby Bibs. And these cute little food (and sometimes spit up) catchers are our pride and joy. Our design team member, Nicole, did an amazing tutorial on our blog a few months ago about how simple it was to create this versatile baby bib- and we cannot wait to share with you in person this adorable baby necessity.

10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California

7.) Our Sizzix Big Shot Plus will be making its debut! We recently added a new Sizzix machine to our family of power house die cutters, and we have completely fallen in love with our Big Shot Plus.  It’s everything you love about the Big Shot or fabi- but super sized! Come stop by and see how this machine, who's stolen our hearts, is absolutely wonderful for all things quilting and diecutting, measuring at 9 inches wide, (for comparison, its a full 3 inches more than the Big Shot machine.) This allows for larger crafting- bigger pieces of material to be die cut, bigger die cuts to create larger crafts and eliminates the precarious placement of getting materials to fit into the machine in order to die cut them.

10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California

8.) Missouri Star Quilt Co will be there! So this one may be somewhat of a stretch initially, but we need to explain. While Missouri Star Quilt Co will be in attendance, with their own booth, there is a strong possibility that their Circle Magic die will make an appearance unlike what you may have seen before. We can't get too specific with the fun that is sure to come about, but we promise, if you're at our booth at the right time, while Missouri Star Quilt Co is there, you won't regret the epic things that are bound to happen.

10 Reasons to Visit Sizzix At Road To California

9. & 10.) There's a saying somewhere in the interwebs, that you save the best for last. And we did that for this post, but we also felt the need to combine our last two reasons. While we have so much we are excited to share with you, we also, at the same time, absolutely love getting to see and interact with you all; from getting to hear your personal stories about quilting and life, to getting to show you something new, and sometimes, even getting taught something new by you! We love these events because they bring us face to face with all of you, and we need that spark of inspiration, that spark of creativity, that spark that come with being able to interact with all of you who use our products just as much as we do.

We are so incredibly excited to see you all today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Will you come stop by and say hi?


Important Information:

Ontario Convention Center
2000 E Convention Center Way, Ontario CA

Hours: Thursday (1/21)- Saturday (1/23) 9am-6pm
Sunday (1/24) 10am-3:30pm

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