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Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love Quilt

Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltHi Sizzix friends, Nicole Daksiewicz from Modern Handcraft today with a fun quilt perfect for your next baby shower - Baby Love Quilt. A few weeks ago a mystery box appeared on my doorstep and inside was a beautiful bundle of fabrics and 4 dies. We could choose any project we liked using a majority of the fabric provided along with at least two of the dies - oh this would be fun!

I decided to make a smaller version of my Big Love quilt (a free tutorial on my blog) and call it Baby Love. Using the two dies I chose - Sizzix Bigz die Half Square Triangles 4 1/2" and Sizzix Bigz die Square 4 1/2" along with my Sizzix Fabi Machine I went to work.

This design, as simple as it is, works perfectly for a baby shower gift using the colors of the new child's nursery as your inspiration. Just make sure that the main heart shape in the middle stands out with a solid or pattern that is darker or lighter than the rest of the patchwork design. This is also a quick make, so you can have this finished in one weekend, or if you are a real go-getter, in one day!Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltYou will need to choose 6 fat quarters of background fabric and 1 fat quarter of a lighter or darker solid / pattern for your heart.Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltMaking a Sizzix sandwich Cutting pad - Sizzix Die facing up - fabric (up to 8 layers) - Cutting pad roll through your Sizzix Fabi machine.

You will need a total of:

* 66 - 4 1/2" squares in your background fabrics

* 6 - 4 1/2" squares in your heart fabric

* 4 - 4 1/2" half square triangle cuts in your background fabrics

* 3 - 4 1/2" half square triangle cuts in your heart fabricSew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltOn a flat surface lay out your background fabrics and heart fabrics until you have the layout you like. The layout is 8 squares by 10 squares total.Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltBefore you start sewing your squares together in rows you will first need to sew your half square triangles together. When finished, they will be the same size as your squares coming in at 4 1/2" x 4 1/2". No trimming is needed when using Sizzix dies.Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltSew your 10 rows of 8 squares using 1/4" seam allowance. After you are finished iron open all of your seams.Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltYour quilt should now look like this, all ten rows complete.Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltWhen joining your rows together, use straight pins to line up seams for a more precise finish. Iron open seams and press quilt top for quilting.Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltMake a quilt sandwich by layering your finished quilt top - quilt batting - quilt back. Baste as desired and bind with a coordinating fabric.Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltYou are finished!

The finished Baby Love quilt comes in at 32" x 40", the perfect size for snuggling in the crib or for tummy time down on the floor.Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltI decided to do a fun free-motion quilting on this project, a smaller quilt was perfect practice since I am still pretty new to the technique.Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltI snuck a few hearts in there for fun.Sew Cute With Walmart- Baby Love QuiltThanks for stopping by for my tutorial today and I hope you enjoy making this for a new little person in your life!

I would love to see your finished work so be sure to leave a comment with a link to your quilt online or tag me on Instagram at @modernhandcraft.


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