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Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

Hello! Jessee here from an Art School Dropout's life with a fun and unique project! Sizzix sent the entire quilting team a mystery package a few weeks back that included a fat quarter bundle and some dies. We were then asked to create a project only using the fabric and dies included. It was a really neat idea.

I went through and picked out seven fat quarters and two dies. As shown above.

The dies I used were the

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

To start out I ironed all of the fat quarters and divided them up in piles of what I would cut from which shapes.

I decided to go with a grey background, so I used the 4" square die and my Fabi to cut out 8 squares each of the two grey polka dotted fabrics. Then using my rotary cutter I cut four 2.5" wide strips from the grey striped fabric to use as my binding. If you have the 2.5" strip die, this would be the perfect time to use it. I placed both sets aside for later.

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

For the next step I cut four strips of 725 Heavy Duty Wonder-Under, measuring 3"x17" each, to adhere to one end of the leftover fat quarters.

Using a dry iron I adhered one strip to each fat quarter, making sure to keep the lines straight with the patterns on the fabric.

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

Once the fabric cooled down I roughly cut each strip in to four 3" squares, making sure to keep the backing paper attached the entire time.

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

I placed the squares, four at a time, on top of the largest circle on the circle die. I used the top edge and corner as the guide to keep the designs straight when they ran through. That's why I started with 3" squares, even though the circles is 2.5" across. I found that four pieces at a time, with paper backing still attached, worked perfectly.

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

You can see all of my cut pieces above!

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

To prep the background piece, I used my 1/4" piecing foot and pieced all of the squares together. I made sure to alternate the two different fabrics and did four across and four down so the finished piece would be 16.5" square unfinished.

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

Once the background was complete I tried out different configurations of the circles until I came up with one that was pleasing to my eye.

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

Before adhering all of the circles, I made sure to peel the backing paper off. Then using a ruler and my dry iron (no steam) I center all of the pieces and ironed them down. Please keep in mind when you get to the edge squares that there is still a seam allowance on the sides. So only center the circles using the inside seams, that's where the ruler comes in handy!

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

After all of the circles were secured I started the process of quilting it all up. I used cotton batting inside and a 17" square of fabric for the backing. The quilting was just simple staggered straight line quilting. I staggered it all so that I could hit every single circle in just the right spots to help keep everything in place.

I bought the entire piecing using that white and grey striped fabric that was included in my mystery box.

Sew Cute With Walmart: Mini Quilt Fun!

The finished piece is not something I normally would have made, but I think this was a great way to force us outside of our comfort zones and see how many different projects can be made from the exact same supplies! If I was asked to do this again, of course I'd say YES!

Thank you for stopping by today to read about this super easy mini quilt! If you happen to make one too, let us know.

~Jessee M


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