Sew Cute with Walmart: Modern Safari Chevron Quilt


A sleek twist on a quilt for the nursery. Our team added some bold color contrasts and prints to create this modern safari chevron quilt. The neutral complementary colors paired with the bold blue and dark grey solids brings the eye to the sharp points in the this chevron design.

The small size of this quilt is perfect as a gift for a nursery or to accompany a little guy on a walk in the stroller. Let’s get started on making sure your baby is king of the jungle by following these steps:

Piecing the Quilt:

1. Sew a pair of solid white and printed Half-Square Triangles, right sides together, along the diagonal seam to form a square. Press towards the darker color. Repeat until all Half-Square Triangles are sewn together to form squares.
2. Using the quilt image as a guide, arrange the squares in rows, 8 across by 10 down. Notice in row 1 the print makes a triangle pointing up and row 2 has the print triangle pointed down. This makes the chevron pattern.
3. Sew the squares the together to form rows.
4. Sew the rows together. Press.


1. Layer the backing, batting and quilt top. Quilt by hand or machine, as desired.
2. Sew binding strips together to form one long strip. Fold wrong sides together lengthwise and press.
3. With a 1/4" seam, sew the raw edges of the binding to the edges of the right side of the quilt. Turn the folded edge of the binding to the back side of the quilt and stitch in place by hand, mitering the corners.

Fabric Requirements:

Yardage Fabric Cutting Instructions
1 yd White solid Cut (80) 4 1/2" Half-Square Triangles

1/2 yd White with gray and blue print Cut (32) 4 1/2" Half-Square Triangles

1/2 yd Aqua polka dot print Cut (32) 4 1/2" Half-Square Triangles

1/3 yd Black with gray and aqua print Cut (16) 4 1/2" Half-Square Triangles

1/2 yd Binding fabric Cut (5) 2 1/2" wide Strips x WOF

1 yd Backing fabric

36" x 48" Batting

• Finished Size: 32" x 40"
• All seam allowances are 1/4" unless noted.
• WOF = width of fabric

Dies Required:

800005 ­ Sizzix Bigz Die ­ Square, 4" Finished (4 1/2" Unfinished) – Check your local Walmart for this die
Sizzix Bigz XL 25" Die ­ Strips, 2 1/2" Wide
Sizzix Bigz Pro 25" Die ­ Strips, 2 1/2" Wide

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