Available Now on Sizzix.com: Sharyn Sowell's Garden Party

Available Now on Sizzix.com: Sharyn Sowell's Garden Party

You're invited to one of the most elegant and beautiful parties this year with Sharyn Sowell's Garden Party available now on Sizzix.com! This collection is full of life and floral gorgeousness, with intricate designs, gatefold cards, baskets, and birds. We may not have a green thumb, but we know we're going to LOVE making with Sharyn's Garden Party collection!

We aren't sure where we want to start making with this collection, from the lovely silverware holders, to the pretty baskets and breathtaking invitations, all we can see is an elegant party waiting to be created! We're still in disbelief with these dies, beautifully capturing Sharyn's love of detail in nature: the folds in leaves, the curls of vines, and the petals of flowers and roses. We can't wait to share this amazing collection with you; we know you'll be just as awe struck and inspired as we are!

Available Now on Sizzix.com: Sharyn Sowell's Garden Party

We can't get over how incredible and amazingly beautiful Sharyn's new intricate dies are, like the Rose Lace Gatefold Card. Perfect for invitations, or a bridal card, or even to use as a place setting, this die looks so simple but packs some HUGE results when die-cutting. We love the detail of the leaves and roses to create a lace-like effect, reminding us of Sharyn's love of using scissors to create intricate art. Now, we too can create intricate art!

Available Now on Sizzix.com: Sharyn Sowell's Garden Party

Sharyn thought of everything with her Garden Party collection! We love her Rose Lace Wine Stem Name Label, which fits perfectly around the base of a wine glass, adding a beautiful personalized touch and some floral flair to your table setting. These Rose Border Table Tents take label settings to the next level, incorporating the Rose Border thinlit, and both the Diamond & Circles and Lattice #4 embossing folders. Whether you're setting out place settings, or letting people know which container has Iced Tea or Sweetened Tea, this combination creates a gorgeous make that perfectly compliments your party (or Garden Party) theme. Completeing that theme, is the Scallop Utensil Wrapper, simply and perfectly creating a little pocket for a napkin and utensils.

We were in awe over Sharyn's Garden Tea Party that she threw two weeks ago, inviting all of us to see and share in her soirée on both Facebook and Instagram- showcasing her new Garden Party collection. We fell in love with her gorgeous invitations, complete with watercolor and calligraphy, to her tree decor as well as her place settings. She brought to life the elegant and beautiful party we had been dreaming about using her new collection, making us all the more excited that it's finally here on Sizzix.com!

What are you most excited to make with this new collection?

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