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Sizzix Inspiration | Giving Jewelry With Style by Tara Mihalech

Sizzix Inspiration | Giving Jewelry With Style by Tara Mihalech

A big part of making jewelry is the gifting of it to friends and family. Oftentimes, as I create pieces, a person comes to mind.

If it's big and bright, I think of my sisters, Heather and Jessica.

If the piece is small and delicate, I think of my other sister, Shannon.

And if it has a bird on it, I keep it. Because despite my fear of the real deal (birds are scary - you know it's true), I can't resist a bird in a jewelry piece.

Today I am showcasing two ways to gift jewelry to a friend. I love creating Vintaj jewelry pieces with my Sizzix BIGkick - it's so nice to be able to package them up beautifully for their recipients.

Sizzix Inspiration | Giving Jewelry With Style by Tara Mihalech

This pillow box is too sweet. I created it by using pink zebra-striped cardstock and the Bigz Pillow Box die. I secured the top flap with a bit of hot glue, and then the ends fold in on themselves.

The box is finished with velvet and lace ribbon and the Style is Eternal Eiffel tower Framelits and stamps.

Sizzix Inspiration | Giving Jewelry With Style by Tara Mihalech

This little box is girly and would be perfect for quite a few gals in my life. Best of all, it's quick to put together. A necklace or pair of earrings fit perfectly behind these flaps.

Sizzix Inspiration | Giving Jewelry With Style by Tara Mihalech

I continued playing with the Style is Eternal Framelits and stamps when this gal came to be. She is holding her hand out - inevitably waiting for the shopping bags that came with the set... but then an idea came to me.

What if she was holding a charm? One that could be worn by the recipient?

I decided to make this a Thank You card. I used the Brenda Walton Bonjour, Paris Framelits set and stamped out the "Thanks So Very Much" saying before I slipped the Framelits die over it, placed it in the Sizzix Sandwich and then ran it through my Sizzix BIGKick.

I cut out a second Framelits shape out of purple cardstock in order to highlight the sentiment.

I embossed the cardstock - Core'dinations Signature Series in Venetian Lace - with the Textured Impressions Roses Embossing Folder. This paper loves to be sanded, which added a great deal of depth and detail to the rose border.

Our generous stylista on the front of the card is holding a Vintaj natural brass blank embossed by the Moroccan Tile embossing die. I gave it a good once-over with the Vintaj Reliefing block, and then added it to the front of the card. It can stay as an embellishment, or it can be slipped onto a chain and worn as a charm.

I topped it off with a little gold bow, and she was ready.

Sizzix Inspiration | Giving Jewelry With Style by Tara Mihalech

When my daughter, Lila, saw the card, she said, "Oh, that's cuuuuute!"

And that was praise enough for me.

If you haven't already started dabbling in jewelry-making with your Sizzix, you should. Not only can you gift gorgeous pieces, but you can also add some panache to your papercrafting!


Other Supplies Used:

  • Core'dinations Signature Series in Venetian Lace
  • Zebra-striped cardstock
  • White cardstock
  • Pop-up foam
  • Adhesive
  • Hot glue

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2 thoughts on “Sizzix Inspiration | Giving Jewelry With Style by Tara Mihalech”

  • Shirley Smith
    Shirley Smith Apr 25, 2015 at 05:17 pm

    Love them but so with you on the birds !!! Love pics and watching them outside but in person......no way !!!

    • Tara

      I'm so glad that I'm not alone, Shirley! Birds are wonderful in theory... but gah... just stay at the feeders and don't dive-bomb my head, okay little birdies?

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