Sizzix New Releases | Organizing Your Supplies with Style!

Greetings, everyone! Melody here. Today I’m sharing some Sizzix New Release dies that will help you keep your fabric stash organized beautifully! Design Team member Nicole shared a fantastic Tutorial highlighting the Fat Quarter Wrap and the Spools dies earlier this week. This post will provide a few variations and a bit more information that you may find helpful.

These stylish and smart storage elements were made with three dies from Jo Packham’s Where Women Create line for Sizzix – the Fat Quarter Wrap, the Photo Box Folder, and Spools. Here’s a brief description of each:

Sizzix New Releases | Organizing Your Supplies with Style!

Fat Quarter Wrap – this die cuts a shape that’s perfect for wrapping a fat quarter around for tidy storage, and includes a slit that you can insert an end of the fabric into! You can also wrap this die cut with ribbon, larger sheets of pliable paper, etc.

Sizzix Inspiration | Organizing Your Supplies with Style!

Photo Box Folder – (Above - middle, tied with bow) this die cuts a folder that fits into the inexpensive photo storage boxes that you can find at craft stores. The folder is perfect for gathering elements that you need for a particular project – like swatches, buttons, floss, and fabric - and keeping them together within your storage box. You can also label the tab on this folder for identifying the contents without pulling it out of the box!

Sizzix New Releases | Organizing Your Supplies with Style!

Spools – this die creates spools that are perfect for wrapping things like floss and ribbon around. You can also attach buttons to these little beauties.

Sizzix New Releases | Organizing Your Supplies with Style!

Helpful hints & Ideas

  • 18 shape-wrapped Fat Quarters will fit in a standard photo storage box . If you wrap smaller amounts of fabric around each die cut shape you can fit many more! The pink box in the photo (at the top and bottom of the post) contains over 25 different inserts.
  • The Photo Box Folders are ideal for gathering bits of inspiration for an upcoming project – whether you’re working with fabric, paper, or mixed media.
  • You can use the Fat Quarter Wraps and a box to collect and store the fabrics you’ll be using on an upcoming quilt.
  • If you like to log a fabric's details, you can write directly on the Fat Quarter Wrap die cute shape. Consider labeling each wrap with the name of the fabric brand, pattern, and designer.
  • Upcycle! Though we’ve die cut out shapes out of new matboard and patterned paper, you can be green and frugal by using materials that might otherwise be headed for the landfill or recycling bin. Consider using empty cereal boxes, cardboard, and chipboard.

Sizzix New Releases | Organizing Your Supplies with Style!

I love the idea of several of these boxes lined up in a row – colorful, yet tidy. After all, it’s important to be able to get your hands on your project supplies when you’re ready to create! Oh, and if one of your New Year's Resolutions is to tame your creative supply stash, these dies will definitely help!

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3 thoughts on “Sizzix New Releases | Organizing Your Supplies with Style!”

  • pam

    Clever ideas that I would love to try,but where can I order the product? When I check the sizzix site I am directed to "my quilt store".Why demo an item that I can't purchase?

  • Celeste Goff

    What pretty organizational pieces!

  • DianeD

    I love the die that cuts the spools! Great way to organize.Thanks for the tips. Happy New Year!

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