Sizzix Specialty Pads & How To Use Them

Hi there Makers! Welcome back to our Sizzix Blog! Today, we want to talk about some products that often times cause confusion for people: the Silicone Rubber Pad, the Impression Pad, and the Premium Crease Pad.  Our social media team has found that a lot of people have questions on the what differences between these pads are, and what exactly you use them for. Are you ready to take a closer look at each of these specialty pads? Grab your Big Shot, its time for a learn (and make, if you're feeling like it) session! 

Lets start off by talking about the Silicone Rubber Pad and the Impressions Pad. The Silicone Pad is soft and pliable.  You could compare it to the feel of a mouse pad, but thinner and more rubber-y. The Impressions Pad is made of a harder plastic material that cannot be bent. The Silicone Rubber Pad is combined with the Impressions Pad to emboss using your favorite Thinlits die! All you need to do is place your Multipurpose Platform onto your Big Shot, open to Tab 2, lay down ONE cutting pad, lay your Thinlits, blade up, on top of your Cutting Pad, then lay your material down. On top of your material, lay down your Silicone Rubber Pad followed by the Impressions Pad, and roll it through your machine! You'll love the embossed detail that emerges from your Specialty Pad Sizzix Sandwich!

Premium Crease Pad

The Premium Crease Pad is a semi-rigid pad that is bendable, but not as bendable as the Silicone Rubber Pad.  A crease pad is used with dies that have crease or score blades.  It replaces the top clear cutting pad on a Sizzix sandwich on dies with creases and scores.  If you use standard cutting plates with a die and have it cut through where it should fold, a Crease Pad is your solution. If you're unsure if your die needs a crease pad, you can easily find out by checking the back of the product packaging or looking at the die on

Be sure to join us for a SPECIALTY PADS Facebook Live with our Creative Director, Jen Long on Monday, July 2nd at 11am PDT! If you have any questions, be sure to ask them below so we can make sure Jen answers them during our Facebook Live!

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3 thoughts on “Sizzix Specialty Pads & How To Use Them”

  • eileen hull

    Great topic! Was the Impressions Pad always white like the one in the picture or is there a version that is black too? (I think I have it and never knew what to do with it) Can you use it alone too or just with the Silicone Rubber Pad? Thanks... Eileen

    • Sarah Vouga

      Great questions Eileen! Yes, we did have a version of the Impressions Pad that was black, the current one we sell is now white. You cannot use this Pad alone, you will need to use it with the Silicone Rubber Pad. Hope this helps! :)

  • Cathi Thorpe

    I have the black Impression Pad, as well, and never knew how to use it. Thanks for this!!

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