Sizzix Tutorial | Dala Horse Quilt by Karin Jordan

Hi! It's Karin here today with a tutorial on how to make a horse quilt that's perfect for that little (or big) girl who is obsessed with horses.

dala horse quilt by karin jordan of leigh laurel - a sizzix tutorial

This is a great project for a beginning quilter who also wants to practice some basic appliqué techniques.

Sizzix Tutorial | Dala Horse Quilt by Karin Jordan

With a 12 ½" square quilting ruler, cut 15 12 ½" squares out of a print fabric. I used Wee Wander by Sarah Jane. Also cut 15 squares of coordinating solids for a total of 30 squares. Cut 15 squares of Pellon® 805 Wonder-Under large enough to cover the blades on the Bigz Pro Dala Horse die, and 15 print fabric scraps that are slightly smaller than the squares of Wonder-Under (they need to be slightly smaller so you don't get Wonder-Under on your iron!). Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse the rough side of the Wonder-Under to the back of the small squares that were cut for the horses (not to the 12 ½" squares). Allow to cool and make the Sizzix sandwich, above. Sliding tray, adapter pad, cutting pad, Bigz die (blade side up), fabric fused with Wonder-Under (fabric side up!) and cutting pad. With your Big Shot Pro, die cut six horses. For the rest of the horses, run them through the Big Shot Pro with the fabric facing down; this way you will wind up with horses facing both directions.

Sizzix Tutorial | Dala Horse Quilt by Karin Jordan

Once all the horses are die cut, place one of the 12 ½" solid fabric squares on an ironing board. Arrange one of the die cut horses so it's centered and lay the quilting ruler on top of it. With washi or masking tape, mark the position of the feet and the nose so you will be able to align the rest of the horses the same way. For the horses facing the opposite direction, simply flip the quilting ruler over and use it upside down. Remove the paper backing from the die cut horses and fuse to the solid squares according to manufacturer's instructions. Repeat for the remaining die cut horses.

Sizzix Tutorial | Dala Horse Quilt by Karin Jordan

Time to appliqué! With a zig-zag or appliqué stitch on your sewing machine, carefully appliqué all the die cut horses.

Sizzix Tutorial | Dala Horse Quilt by Karin Jordan

On a design wall or flat surface, alternate the prints and solids in each row. There will be six rows of five squares. Sew the top row of squares together with ¼" seam allowances, pressing seams to the left. Sew the second row together and press seams to the right. Continue piecing the rest of the rows together, alternating which way seams are pressed. When you sew the rows together, the seams will nest nicely and your squares will be aligned. The finished size of this quilt is 60 x 72". You will need 4 ¾ yards of backing fabric and ½ yard of fabric to make 275" of binding.

Sizzix Tutorial | Dala Horse Quilt by Karin Jordan

Quilt as desired; Melissa of Sew Shabby Quilting did these lovely flowers and leaves right over the horses. Both my kids love it!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy quilting!

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Sizzix Die Cutting Supplies

Other Product Used:

  • 15 fat quarters in a print fabric
  • 15 fat quarters in a solid fabric
  • Pellon® 805 Wonder-Under
  • 4 ¾ yards backing fabric
  • ½ yard binding fabric

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