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Sizzix Tutorial | Etched Monogram Mugs by Jennifer Priest

Looking for a personalized gift idea this holiday season? I'm Jennifer Priest and today I'm sharing how to use the Sizzix eclips2 DIY Electronic Cutter to create custom etched monogram glasses! Since mason jars are still trending, I was super excited when I spotted these mason jar style mugs with lids and straws at my local discount store for 99 cents each. With the Sizzix eclips2, I created a custom stencil to chemically etch each mug with the initals of my friends and family. This project can be created with any glass container from mason jars and glass canisters to beer mugs and wine glasses, all of which can be found at most chain dollar stores for, you guessed it, a dollar!

Sizzix Inspiration | Etched Monogram Mugs by Jennifer Priest

Since the Sizzix eclips2 can cut both shapes and fonts, there are thousands of possibilities of images that you can use to create a stencil for glass etching. I decided to use the Sizzix eclips2 to create a stencil of a monogram letter for each person's first name.  First, I typed the letter into the eCal Lite software and moved and resized it to fit the space I wished to etch. Since the side of the mason jar mug I was using measured 3" wide by 4" tall, I had to make sure that my letter was smaller than 3" x 4" by using the ruler on the top and side of the mat displayed in the eCal Lite software. After typing and sizing each monogram, I spaced them apart on the mat to allow space around each letter for the etching creme. Since etching creme etches every part of the glass it touches, it is important to create a border of open space around the edges of the letter to protect the glass from the etching creme. After the letters were positioned, I applied a sheet of 12" x 12" self-adhesive vinyl shelf liner to the Sizzix eclips2 12" x 12" Cutting Mat and loaded the mat into the eclips2 and started the cutting process. Vinyl shelf liner is available at most dollar stores and is more affordable than heavy duty vinyl for one-time use projects like making glass etching stencils.

Sizzix Inspiration | Etched Monogram Mugs by Jennifer Priest

After the cutting was finished, I unloaded the mat from the eclips2 and removed the vinyl from the mat.  I cut the letter stencils apart with a paper trimmer and scissors to make them easier to apply to the sides of the mugs. Peeling the backing away from the vinyl, I carefully applied the vinyl to the mug starting at the top of the image, smoothing downwards. For more intricate images, it is a good idea to use vinyl transfer tape to lift the image from the vinyl backing and then apply it to the mug. In this case, the letters were fairly simple and small so vinyl transfer tape was not needed. After applying the stencil as desired, smooth the edges to remove any ripples or bubbles. The etching creme can seep under the edges of the vinyl and distort the image so it is important to make sure all of the edges of the vinyl are in contact with the glass. I applied extra strips of scrap vinyl to protect the area of the glass around the stencil from any stray etching creme.

Apply a thick layer of Etchall Glass Etching Creme with a plastic spoon or spatula over the stencil. Be sure to completely cover the stenciled image (a letter in this case) to ensure even etching. Allow the etching creme to set for 15 minutes, then, scrape away the excess with the spatula and replace it back into the container. The etching creme can be reused over and over, turning a dark brown color over time as it is used. Rinse the excess etching creme away in a plastic basin or sink. Since I rinse my glass etching projects in a porcelain sink and as you can see in this video, my sink is etched from the thousands of beer mugs my husband and I have etched for our etsy shop over the years. Yes, the etching creme will etch ceramics as well as glass. I'm getting a new metal sink soon, fingers crossed!

Sizzix Inspiration | Etched Monogram Mugs by Jennifer Priest

After rinsing the etching creme, peel the vinyl away and wash the glass to reveal the etched monogram. These would be fun to give as a gift on their own or you can fill them with dry lemonade or fruit punch packets, a coffee shop gift card, or even a juice bar gift card. Watch this tutorial video to see how to make these today:

I hope this inspires you to create your own stencils for glass etching using the Sizzix eclips2 or even your Sizzix dies! Who would you gift mugs like these to?

Happy Christmas Crafting!

Jennifer Priest

Sizzix Die Cutting Supplies

Other Supplies Used:

  • Mason Jar Style Mug
  • Vinyl or Vinyl Shelf Liner
  • Etchall Glass Etching Creme
  • Plastic Spoon or Spatula
  • Plastic Basin with Water

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4 thoughts on “Sizzix Tutorial | Etched Monogram Mugs by Jennifer Priest”

  • Martice Smith II

    Hi Jennifer! Thanks for your very thorough instructions! I've always loved the look of etched glassware and I think you did a great job on yours. Very clean and eye-catching. Great to know that these can be found at a dollar store. You've transformed them into something stylish and fun!

    • Jennifer Priest

      Thank you! Yes, all the dollar stores carry some nice glassware and if you can't find it in store, most of them will let you order online and pick up at the store. Good to know for weddings and parties!

  • Nancy Carr

    I really like this idea. I've seen these canning jar mugs but never thought about etching they.
    Thank you....

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