Sizzix Tutorial | One in a Minion Valentines by Jennifer Priest

Hi everyone, this is Jennifer Priest here for today's Sizzix Tutorial. Have you seen all of these adorable "minion" Valentines on Pinterest, made from snack cakes and a piece of blue construction paper cut to look like overalls, with the stitching drawn on with a marker?!  They're too cute to miss! My son Matthew loved them but there was no way I was hand-cutting 30 of these for him to pass out to his class. Enter the Sizzix eclips2 Machine, which made easy work of creating cutting files for the overalls and details for these "One In A Minion" Valentines:

Sizzix Tutorial | One in a Minion Valentines by Jennifer Priest

I constructed the "overalls" in the eCal Lite software using rectangles from the Shape Library included with the eCal Lite software. I then used an arc shape and another rectangle to create the black outlines and details on the overalls. To create the pocklet, I used the eCal Lite software to merge together a triangle and a square. I've included the cutting files on my blog for you to download and use with your eCal Lite or SureCutsAlot software, in case you want to create these for yourself. Aren't they cute?!

Sizzix Tutorial | One in a Minion Valentines by Jennifer Priest

Here is a video showing how to not only create the cutting files in the eCal Lite software but also how to assemble the cut pieces to create your own minion army for Valentine's Day!

My son and I had a blast putting these together for his classmates to exchange on Valentine's Day this week. I hope you're as excited as we are to turn a Pinterest-inspired project into a simple cutting file with your Sizzix eclips 2 today!

Jennifer Sept 2014

- Jennifer


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