Sizzix Tutorial | Upcycled Chevron Lamp by Tami Mayberry

Tami Mayberry here with you today to show you a quick and easy upcycled project that I recently finished.  It's very likely that you've seen home decor projects in the past using vinyl. Unfortunately, if you don't own an electronic cutter they may not seem like something you can create. But, did you know that you can actually make some really cool things using Sizzix dies with vinyl? It's true!


For this project I started with this $3 lamp I got at a thrift store.  Kinda cute, but not exactly stylish.


To start out I created a pattern from card stock scraps to give me an idea how the Chevron Frameworks die pattern I chose would look and how many die cuts I would need. Any kind of paper will work for this step as it is just to provide a guide to how long of a piece you will need.


Each piece will need the center section cut off so that there will be a continuous pattern around the lamp when the pieces are connected.


Next I adhered the pieces end to end and trimmed them to the length I would need.


I determined I would need to die cut three pieces of vinyl trimming the third one to just one small section.


Next, I cut a strip of vinyl the same width as the Chevron Sizzix Frameworks die I would be using, which was approximately 3 inches wide.


I die cut the border shape from the vinyl in the Big Shot using the standard cutting layers: cutting pad, die (cutting side up), vinyl, cutting pad.


With a total of three die cut pieces I trimmed the center section from the ends and they were ready to apply to the lamp.


Before beginning to apply the die-cut vinyl you will want a clean, dry surface. I like to use alcohol because it dries quickly and removes any residue.


Next, apply the vinyl according to the manufacturers instructions taking care to align the points where the individual pieces meet. You'll notice the bottom section doesn't come to a perfect point. This can be carefully trimmed with a craft knife.


Finally, burnish the vinyl to secure it in place and remove any air bubbles or wrinkles and it's finished.

Now, I just need a lamp shade.

My next project perhaps?

Off the the thrift store I go!! ;)



Sizzix Die Cutting Supplies

Other Supplies Used:

  • Adhesive backed white vinyl
  • Lamp
  • Burnishing tool

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