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Where To Find Sizzlin' Sizzix Deals on Black Friday

Where To Find Sizzlin' Sizzix Deals on Black Friday

Hi there, crafters!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Are you excited for all of the food, fun, and family time? What’s on your menu for your fabulous feast? We hope that you are able to take the time to be with your family and loved ones, and that your day tomorrow ranks as one of the best days you’ve had this year.

As excited as we are here at Sizzix for getting to be home with our family and friends, we have been working like busy bees to gear up for our upcoming launches in December, January and February. The willpower it is taking me to not give some sort of sneak peek right now is huge. Such awesomeness is heading your way in the coming months.


Black Friday is in a little more than 48 hours from now, and from a personal opinion- I’m absolutely excited to get out into the chaos of shopping with this holiday tradition to work off those mashed potato and cream corn calories that I’m destined to consume. (Stretchy pants will probably be on the list.) But that leads me to ask- what’s on your holiday wish list? Perhaps some Sizzix products are included on that list as well?

Our amazing family of retailer partners are having some seriously awesome Black Friday events and sales on Sizzix products starting on Friday, November 28th (maybe even earlier!) Here’s a quick break down of where you can brave the crowds and infuse your Black Friday with some spectacular Sizzix shopping.

1. Local craft retailers-Please check your local craft retailers for their own special Black Friday deals. Since each retailer has their own special Sizzix inventory, each will run their own special Black Friday event.  We recommend you go on into your local retailers and check out their wonderful selection of Sizzix products. (And don’t forget about this amazing Black Friday Extravaganza!)

2. Chain retailers – Chain stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns and Walmart always have their own special Black Friday events. We recommend you check online on their website for Black Friday deals.  However, they usually have unpublished deals that only happen when you go in, so make sure to schedule a visit so you don’t miss out.

3. Online retailers – Online retailers such as Amazon.com, Overstock.com, and Zulilly will be running their own digital Black Friday deals.  One way to get a drop on them is to sign-up for their Black Friday e-blasts.  You can also search “Sizzix products” on their websites to quickly search what Sizzix deals are happening.

We hope you have a fantastical Thanksgiving, and that you truly enjoy the time with your family and loved ones.

And we also wish you a safe and stress-free Black Friday. What's on your list for Black Friday this year?

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