10 Easy Tutorials to Craft DIY Leather Bracelets

10 DIY Leather Bracelets

Hello, Makers! Did you hear about our In A Snap Maker Challenge with the one and only Candie Cooper? I hope you guys are just as excited as we are about another collaboration with Michaels, because this time around, we're SNAPPING back with some leather cuffed bracelets! Just in case you needed some quick inspiration for the challenge, we collected a list full of the most snaptastic leather bracelets that are trending. Here are some fantastic bracelet inspiration to get you going through this challenge. Snap away, Makers!

1. Make this beaded leather bracelet that will help you find your zen


This beaded leather bracelet has that snap that we've been searching for! Find out how to make it here.

2. Or this adorable leather leaf bracelet


Channel your inner George of the Jungle with this leather leaf bracelet, but watch out for that tree! Get the tutorial here.

3. This chic leather bracelet is sure to be a hit


Finish with a metallic embellish for that snap and you're all set to go. Start working on them here.

4. And this suede tassel leather bracelet is the perfect accessory to your accessory


Make this suede leather bracelet here!

5. Use this bow-themed leather cuff bracelet for any occasion


It might not be a snap, but a clip is just fine. Learn how to make this bracelet here.

6. Or follow your heart with this simple and easy arrow leather bracelet!


This wrap-around leather bracelet is simple, but effective. Make this cute bracelet here!

7. Elegant, but snappy - this layered leather bracelet will get you excited to hit your craft station!


Learn how to make this gold-accented leather bracelet here.

8. This leather bracelet is the perfect combination of sewed and snapped


Learn how to make this intricate bracelet here - don't be afraid to get creative!

9. This beautiful laced leather cuff that will have you scrambling towards crafting!


Lace and snap it up with this laced leather cuff! Show us your different designs or add in a few chains to make it unique and personalized.

10. This painted leather cuff bracelet that is worthy of the gram


One of our favorites from this list is this gorgeous, gold-painted leather cuff that has that exact snap that we wanted! Add a nice chain to it for more flare and get to making here!

Now that this list is over, we hope you to start sharing your leather bracelet creations with us on our social media! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest so that we can see your makes. Happy crafting, Makers!

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