The Complete Guide to Summer Journaling

The summer is a special time where we all try to experience new and exciting things. To make the most of this summer why not start journaling?

Journaling is the perfect way to capture your summer and reminisce on warmer times during the winter months. It’s also a simple way of including self-care into your day, giving you the opportunity to take the time to reflect, write down thoughts and capture memories to treasure.


Find Your Journal

The first thing you need to start journaling is the journal itself. You can either buy one you love or create a unique journal of your own that you’ll be proud of using all summer! Customize your own by embellishing with a range of designs available at Sizzix, where there’s something to suit every maker.

The compact Notebook ScoreBoards™ L Die by Eileen Hull®is the perfect creative solution for producing journals you can take on the go, that are easy to assemble and embellish! Available at Sizzix, ScoreBoard™ dies are the first-ever product of its kind, producing sturdier projects and ultra-versatile designs, meaning you can create a notebook that will last the test of travel!

Travel Logs

Keep your journal on you during every trip, making sure you don’t miss a thing! Polaroid cameras are great for taking photos along your travels which you can insert straight into your journal to keep the memories alive.

As well as taking lots of pictures, it is also great to keep a record of dates and what experiences you had. Creating journal entries on the same day will ensure you don’t forget the little details and is a fulfilling way to end the day. You will love being able to look back and read about these days later in the year or even many years later!


Bucket List

At the start of summer, list in your journal all the things you wish to achieve to make the most out of the sunny season. A bucket list gives you the opportunity for self-discovery, allowing you to push yourself and will leave you feeling accomplished at the end of summer, knowing all the things you have achieved!,,


Making Memories

Making and keeping memories are the most important thing when it comes to summer journaling! Personalizing your journal pages with mementos of trips and experiences, such as maps, postcards and tickets allow you to fill your journal pages with everything you got up to and will give an authentic snap shot of your trip.,,


Get Artsy

Journaling is perfect for expressing your creativity! Whatever your choice of medium, from drawing to watercolour art, you will love embellishing your pages with stunning designs. Make the perfect summer journal by capturing animals, scenes and experiences that meant a lot to you this summer. This is also a therapeutic activity which will enrich your summer days and give you a project for the quieter days.


Must-Have Journaling Items:



We hope this has given you lots of inspiration to start journaling this summer! For more making inspiration straight to your inbox, click here.


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