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Tim Holtz, CHA Megashow and the Sizzix Booth

Tim Holtz, CHA Megashow and the Sizzix Booth

It's of no suprise to anyone how much fun we had at the 2016 CHA Megashow in Anaheim California. But it was definitely an awesome read to find out Tim Holtz's take away from not only our booth, but our team as well. We are so thankful for the time and awesome fun we had with had with Tim, Mario and Richele during the 4 days of the show.

Tim Holtz, CHA Megashow and the Sizzix BoothOur in house magician of booth magic, Marty, blew us all away with his design and dedication to Tim's booth, from the vintage look, to the amazing rustic lightfixtures- he PERFECTLY created a booth for Tim that embodied all things Tim- and it was spectacular.

Tim Holtz, CHA Megashow and the Sizzix Booth

Of course, we've already mentioned our awe and love of Richele Christensen, but we can't just leave it at that one time. She literally rocks. From the daily demonstrations she gave to those who stopped by the booth, to her sense of humor which helped spur on an intensly fun snowball fight with Tim, it was fun and almost an awe-like moment for us to get to meet the one and only @caliartgirl which we had seen so much from on Instagram.

Tim Holtz, CHA Megashow and the Sizzix Booth

The best part, (for the author personally) was getting to share with our Sizzix Design Team the projects they had made for Tim and his team that were featured in his Sizzix booth. Aida Haron, Jan Hobbins, Audrey Pettit, and Mou Saha- We are SO proud of you ladies- each of you made some absolutely stunning and amazing pieces of art; and we cannot wait to see the awesome projects with Tim's new collections coming this year that are going to blow everyone away here on the Sizzix blog.

Tim Holtz, CHA Megashow and the Sizzix BoothTim- Thank you so much for such an awesome time at CHA 2016. Thank you for your entusiasm, your love and passion for all things crafting and making- and most importantly, thank you for continually teaching all of us the art of making awesome projects. We are SO looking forward to your new products in the coming months and cannot wait to show you our makes and projects!

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