Now Available on Tim Holtz's Newest Collection

Makers, the time has come... Tim Holtz's newest collection, which he showcased for us at the Creativation Show in Janruary, is finally available on! This collection has four new Thinlits, three Bigz dies, and three Texture Fades Embossing Folders. We can't wait to share this much anticipated release with you! Grab your Big Shot and all of your mixed media making supplies... it's about to get die-cuttingly delicious! 


First up, we have Tim's new Thinlits, and we are over the moon with all four of these dies which build upon previous dies from Tim. The Mini Detailed Butterflies are quite literally, the miniature version of Tim's original Detailed Butterflies die set, with the same amount of intricacy and design! We've loved every Tattered Floral die set that Tim's released, but these new Small Tattered Florals have had our attention since Tim's sneak peek video.  These dies (21 total in set) were created to mix, match, and layer the different sizes, opening up a world of endless possibilities for creating different floral flourishes! And speaking of layers, have you seen the new Wildflowers #2 in action yet? These brand new assortment of intricate designs and details work beautifully with the original Wildflowers die set, and they're the same scale too! Last, but certainly not least for Tim's new collection of Thinlits, we have a brand new Sentiment Words, Thin die set. While these dies look similar to the word dies that Tim released last Halloween and Christmas, these dies can be used all year long! We can't wait to use them in our planners and makes!

BigzUntitled design (21)

Next, we have Tim's newest Bigz dies, and if you don't know why we've been excited for these new products, you'll soon find out! This year, Tim is giving us a new way to add detail and personality to our Villages with his Village Landscapes die! This set has five trees: Regular tree, Cyprus tree, Pine tree, a Cactus and a Prickly Pear, to give us makers the ability to have our Villages up year-round! The coolest thing about these trees though, is that they can either be flat, for cards or canvas makes, OR they can be 3-D! Do you love making with chipboard? If so, Tim created this next die with you in mind. The Tiny Houses Bigz L die was specifically created to be made with chipboard, not only cutting it, but also scoring it so that you can fold and create two different sized dimensional houses. The mixed media possibilities with these houses are incredibleBut what about that new Alphabet set, the one that includes BOTH letters and numbers? Tim's new Broadway Alphabet die set is an amazing, marquee/ art-deco styled alphabet, perfect for die-cutting those thicker materials.

Texture Fades
Untitled design (22)

A new release wouldn't be complete without Embossing options, and this release, Tim gave us 3 gorgeous options to choose from! The Floral, Florish and Lattice Texture Fades Embossing Folders truly show the continued evolution of Tim pushing the limits of design and detail. We can't wait to see how you all incorporate these Embossing Impressions into your future makes!

We had to share this amazing Facebook LIVE Tim did showcasing all of his new products for 2017. We are so stoked to start making and creating with all of Tim's new products! Don't forget to check out Tim's blog post on this new collection, where he shares some of his thoughts and inspiration behind these dies. If you aren’t already, make sure you’re following Tim on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for some sneak peeks, tutorials, videos, and more of these awesome new stamps and dies! Don't forget to hashtag #timholtz and #sizzix if you share your makes and projects on social media so we can see and reshare!

What are you most excited to start making with?

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