Top 5 Makes to Celebrate the New Royal Baby!

To celebrate the new royal arrival, we have put together the ultimate top 5 makes to welcome new baby boys into the world! These makes are the perfect gift for new parents, with the personal touch that mean they will be kept through the years.


  1. Baby Frame

Creating framed wall art is the perfect present to give to new parents. With plenty of toys already been gifted, a thoughtful frame filled with booties and a hat can be personalised with a die-cut initial for the perfect finishing touch. Perfect for decorating the nursery!

2. Baby blanket

If you have skills in knitting or crocheting, why not create a soft, cosy baby blanket. Team neutral colours and embellish with fluffy pom poms for a blanket they won’t be able to put down.


3. Baby Boy Quilt

From play time to nappy changing, a personalised quilt with embellished accents will be a keepsake parents will treasure. A range of quilting shapes are available at Sizzix, making quilting simple for all to try!


4. Baby Grow

Customise shop-bought baby grows with die-cut shapes, such as this adorable narwhal design, for practical and personal gifting.


  1. Baby Book

Use your scrapbooking skills to create a beautiful baby book. This is a personal present that will be kept for years. Parents will love being able to fill their book with photos and memories!


Now try making these projects for the royal baby in your life!


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