Top 5 Papercraft Trends!

Papercrafting is one of the most popular and versatile making type out there! There is a project for every maker no matter their style, technique or ability, from cardmaking and scrapbooking to origami and decoupage.

We love papercraft due to its endless creative opportunities, so to celebrate this amazing making type we’ve put together our top 5 upcoming papercraft trends!


Paper Succulents

Succulents have been a massive trend in home interiors for the last couple of years and has now stretched its popularity to papercraft! Paper succulents can be made from a variety of cardstock shades alongside the Paper Sculpting Kit, available at Sizzix, to create intricate and life-like plants.,,


Paper Palms

Shaking up the floral industry, botanical plants and tropical palms are taking over as the must have greenery for home décor. Paper palms are perfect for creating your own custom arrangements for every need, including being a great way of decorating for parties and special occasions!,


3-D Paper Art

Papercraft turns contemporary with 3-D paper art, perfect for creating amazing home décor, giving added dimension to any space. This type of papercraft appeals to a wide range of people, not just makers, as everyone can be astonished by the intricacy and modern art pieces it creates. Take your papercraft to the next level by trying your hand at 3-D papercraft, allowing you to get creative with truly unique projects that will leave you fascinated!,,


Paper Food

Looks good enough to eat, but unfortunately not edible! Combining two of our favorite things, making and food, paper food is an exciting art piece that is super fun to make. This contemporary idea has so much versatility from creating quirky gift boxes to yummy decorations. From cakes to burgers, you can make all your favorite food with paper!,,


Geometric Designs

Geometrics have been one of the biggest making trends of 2019, from home interiors to papercraft innovations. Although the result is a very intricate design, it's actually effortless to create with geometric dies! Perfect for creating beautifully impressive card makes, home décor pieces and so much more!,


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