Top DIY Wall Art Projects!

Get creative with your home interiors by making your own unique wall art. From handmade paper flowers to dimensional string art, we hope these ideas will inspire you to create something amazing for your home!

3D Flower Art

Giving paper flowers a new lease of life, wall art is now incorporating dimensional handmade flowers into art pieces everywhere. By painting a canvas and layering with paper flowers, it creates a stunning multidimensional finish and the perfect focal point for your walls!


Tasselled Wall Hangings

Tassels are a super fun interior project to get started with, as well as being a great way to add life and colour to your walls. From elegant neutral tones, to vibrant pops of colour, tasselled wall hangings are the perfect versatile art piece to suit every home.,


Fabulous Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for Christmas! Rethink your wall art options with these fresh wreath ideas. Use die-cut elements to create dimensional designs, from felt makes to flourishing paper foliage. Hang your wreaths on walls, mantelpieces and doors to display amazing makes across your home.,,


String Art

String art has become extremely popular form of wall art, being a dimensional and contemporary aesthetic. Created using coloured string or thread which is strung tightly around nails or pins, dimensional designs are formed around the strategically placed points. If hammering nails isn’t your thing, a clever hack is to use pins and corkboard, which allows you to push your design in place before you unravel your amazing design.,


Die-Cut Framed Makes

We love using our dies to create beautiful framed art such as these below! Die-cutting produces professional designs effortlessly, allowing you to custom build your own dimensional framed art piece for your home, or as a truly unique gift.,


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