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Valentine Card Make: Stitched With Love

Valentine Cards Make: Stitched With Love

I was walking through the aisle of a drugstore the other day and the Valentine's Day cards caught my eye. There was one that was super cute - it was just gushy and witty enough to make a hot little tear spring to my eye.

Oh, I have to get this for Mr. Suburble...

But before I popped it into the basket, I flipped the card over.

$8.99 + tax.


What? Where have I been? When did cards cost as much as dinner? I mean, I love Mr. Suburble more than dinner and cards and nine dollars, but this was just a bit too rich for my blood.

I was going to make my own Valentines. And for less than nine dollars a card, thank you very much.

Valentine Cards Make: Stitched With Love

This fabulous Bigz die from the Echo Park line saved the day in the Valentine-making department. It cuts out an arrangement of beautiful little heart shapes.

Valentine Cards Make: Stitched With Love

These days, I've been experimenting with my sewing machine, and have just started playing with sewing with paper. I grabbed a denim needle and went to work.

Valentine Cards Make: Stitched With Love

Because I was doing a straight stitch right down the front of the card, I could leave my feed dogs up on my machine, and treated the paper not much differently than I did fabric.

I sewed from end to end of the card, making sure to take my time.

Rather than reverse to lock the stitch, I opted for a little dab of glue to secure the ends. I like the tidy ends it leaves.

Valentine Cards Make: Stitched With Love

I cut hearts from cardstock and kraft paper, but then my eyes fell on a roll of scrap leather.

Valentine Cards Make: Stitched With Love

The blue leather heart was just as easily sewn onto the card - and I loved the difference in texture and color.

Valentine Cards Make: Stitched With Love

I love the simplicity and clean lines of these cards. And you could make a heap of these (think - elementary school classroom?) without too much of a sweat.

Use up scraps of fabric and cardstock (or leather!) around your craft room and whip up these simple and sweet Valentines.

Thanks so much for joining me!



Other Materials Used:

  • Various cardstock and kraft paper
  • Leather (Optional)
  • Sewing machine with denim needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Glue (to secure thread ends)

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