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Valentine's Make: A Picture Perfect Project!

Valentine's Make: A Picture Perfect Project!

Hi everyone, it’s Jess from Everyday Party Magazine.  Today I am sharing a sweet handmade Valentine’s Day gift idea. I used Tim Holtz's Alteration Picture Wheel Die, card stock, patterned scrap book paper, spray adhesive, scissors, 12 family photos printed to .75” square, tape, and a 2” round circle with the words “Love is all around us” printed on it.

To make this view master style picture wheel, you will need  a Sizzix Big ShotCutting Pads, and the Sizzix Bigz Die - Picture Wheel.

Begin by making your Sizzix sandwich; Sizzix cutting pad, Sizzix Bigz Die, paper, cutting pad, and roll it through your Sizzix. Repeat with the scrapbook paper.

Valentine's Make: A Picture Perfect Project!

Choose 12 of your favorite photos to fit in the picture wheel.  I printed mine .75” x .75” using Adobe InDesign to make them all uniform in size.  Choose photos with a little extra space around the subjects so they don’t get cropped out.  Cut them out, and arrange as you like.  I used clear tape to tape them to the card stock picture wheel.  And, I did have to trim some images down a little.

Valentine's Make: A Picture Perfect Project!

Once the photos have been placed, spray adhesive to the patterned scrap book paper and stick it to the back of the card stock to cover the tape.

Valentine's Make: A Picture Perfect Project!

You can leave it as is if you want, but I wanted to add a little something to the front, so I made a 2” round circle with the text “Love is all around us” and stuck it on the front of the picture wheel.

Valentine's Make: A Picture Perfect Project!

Unfortunately, this picture wheel does not fit in a newer View Master, and I don’t have an older version to try it on.  However, I think it is still a very sweet gift idea for the one you love.  If you have an older View Master, I would love to know if it fits.  I have been told that if you print your photos on transparency paper they will work well, but not be 3-D.

This was such a fun and special way to make a Valentine’s Day gift!


Other Materials Used:

  • Patterned Scrap Book Paper
  • Heavy Weight Card Stock
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Photos Printed to .75" square
  • Scissors
  • Tape

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