5 INSANE Wedding Bouquets Made Out Of...Food?

Here are some words we never thought we would say: wedding pizza bouquets. From donut to chicken nugget bouquets, we thought we've seen the last of these food-inspired art pieces, but it turns out that this is just only the beginning! Let's see some this crazy, Instagrammable bouquets that you might actually want at your wedding!

  • Pizza Wedding Bouquet: Villa Italian Kitchen is holding a wedding giveaway contest, where they'll make pizza bouquets and boutonnieres for your special day and let's just say - it's actually amazing? Who would've thought that a pizza bouquet would make such a perfect addition to a wedding. Just look at how excited the bride and groom are! (via Villa Italian Kitchen)

  • Donut Bouquet: Would you let your spouse carry this down the aisle? The better question is - do they even have to ask? We don't know about you, but we're never seen anything more tempting than a bouquet of donuts before. It's certainly a way to have a wedding that people will rave about for ages. (via Dessert Boxes)

  • Fried Chicken Bouquet: Yes, you heard that right. Fried chicken is the holy grail of comfort food, so why not have a little bit of crunch to your special day? All we know is that this bouquet looks just as good as it probably tastes. (via Annyeong Flower

  • Bacon Bouquet: Calling all bacon lovers out there...this bouquet is for you. Roll up your favorite deli slices and bake into beautiful roses! Scrumptious and surprisingly gorgeous, this combines almost all of our favorite things together: DIY, flowers, and bacon! (via Pop Sugar

  • Cookie Bouquet: Trade in your flowers for some cookie-shaped flowers instead! It may be quite a feat to carry these bad boys down the aisle, but it wouldn't be such a big deal to eat and walk, right? Romance and cookies always sound like a good combination.

We're always excited to see what kind of funky things happen in the DIY and wedding industry!  Keep up with the latest in trends and more by following our social media pages (FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest) and don't forget to share your makes by using #sharewithsizzix on your posts!

See you soon, Makers!

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