What 13 Creative Moms Told Us

Happy Mother's Day! Today, we're celebrating all you who are Moms and makers. You all are the unspoken superheroes of our Crafting World, making the balance of "mommy life" and "maker's gonna make" life seem flawless and easy. We asked some of our Design Team members, as well as members of our Art Department here at Sizzix what they found to be important in balancing being both a maker and a mom. From crockpots, to glitter, messes and self-time, we loved the answers these moms gave us.  We hope these tips, tricks, and observations bring you joy and inspiration today!

Nicole Wright: I make dinner in a crock pot in the morning if it's going to be a serious crafting day. That way everyone gets fed.

Adrianne Surian: Get comfortable with mess, because letting your kids get their craft on is something they need as much as you do! It's not the most efficient way to make things but crafting makes for great quality time.

Kitty Wilkin: The biggest tip I have learned is to let go of the mom guilt. You DO need and deserve to take time for yourself so that you can be the best mom (and wife, friend, etc) as you can. Don't beat yourself up for hiding in your craft space and making beautiful things for at least 20 min per day. That said, MAKE time regularly for solo creating time

Tara Mihalech: Invite your kids into your creative world and show them how to do things. There are times to craft by yourself, and then there are times to show your children how to create and become skilled little "makers". They can bring that creative confidence with them into new arenas. Also - embrace the glitter. You can't fight it.

Jeanne Streiff: My kids were a little older (in school) when I started crafting daily so that gave me a good bit of the day to myself usually. We crafted a lot together when they were younger though. Drawing, painting, beading and even a little quilting.

Jessee Maloney: When my daughter wasn't in school I had to designate time where she played independently so I could take blog photos and such. Then last year we started setting up an area where she could craft independently while I took photos. I also taught her to sew, which meant she'd just work on her stuff directly next to me. My 6 year old can quilt because of this!
This year she started kindergarten, and it's made the time management much easier because I have from the second she gets on the bus, until the second she gets off to work. I never work after 4pm now, and from then until bedtime is hers. If I'm super behind I'll get back to work after bedtime, but I try to relax then if I can. Luckily hand sewing is relaxing for me.

Amanda Niederhauser: It helps to work in small steps so you can make progress if you have only 20 minutes here and there. I need to be able to keep my projects out indefinitely which translates into a mess!! Having your own space is crucial. It also helps to have a kitty that loves to sew so you don't get lonely.

Anna-Karin Evaldsson: I craft a lot together with my six-year old and he loves it. He also gets a lot of left-over bits and pieces to craft with. Sometimes, when his friends visit, I give them a bunch of die cuts and they sit and create things together. One of my ways of getting things done, is to not spend too much time thinking about what to do. When I sit down at my desk, I have usually already decided what to do and which products to use. The end result is often something different, but having a plan to start with speeds things up.

Mou Saha: My art and crafts revolve around my children from taking their photos and scrapbooking them to art journaling challenging mom moments. It has been a process of learning, prioritizing and enlisting their help as I am working to take my art beyond hobby to a small business. Have to say that some days are harder than others but each one filled with joy in some way because I have my children. And they get excited to share all my cool stuff.

Michelle Stewart: For me, balancing being a mommy and a maker is all about time management. Knowing when to say no and recruiting help when you need it!

Deena Ziegler: When my kids were younger, I would always let them craft with me. Everything I was using, they were allowed to use too, which has made them want to only craft with the “best of the best” supplies now. I really believe it’s important to take “me” time, to learn not to feel guilty about taking that time for yourself to go out at night with your friends, to go on that crafting retreat. Take care of yourself.

Wendy Cuskey: When I was a paralegal, my husband worked nights, so after the kids went to bed, I would stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning to craft. I always make the time to make things. I think being a crafter and a maker has benefited my kids because I’m able to more easily help them with school projects or assignments.

Suzanne Sergi: I think it’s important to try and be creative every day. Whether its 5 or 15 minutes, regardless of how tired you are, or what’s going on in your life, taking that time to be creative is so important to mom’s who are crafters, so they don’t get into those forbidden “crafting funks”.

How do you balance being a maker and a mom?

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