Who Let the Dogs Out? Available Now on Sizzix.com From Tim Holtz!

We've been begging Tim Holtz for some Crazy Dogs to go with those Crazy Cats and Bird Crazy, after all, having some cutely crazy canines would probably make us as excited as our own lovable dogs are to see us when we come home. Tim threw us not one bone, but two! Are you ready for even more crazy and even more fun with these new releases from Tim Holtz? Allow us to introduce you to some Crazy Dogs and Mini Cats & Mini Dogs, available right now on Sizzix.com


Meet your 6 new stamping and die-cutting friends! That's right, going along with Stamper Anonymous's Crazy Dog Stamps, Tim has Crazy Dog Framelits! We've already been seeing some adorably cute makes with these crazy canines, which are some of the best additions you can give to your upcoming Halloween and Christmas makes! Are you wagging your figurative tail in excitement? We are too, because there's still more we have to share with you...


We gotta let the cats (and dogs) out of the bag- the Mini Crazy's are back with some Mini Cats and Mini Dogs! We seriously can't stop making with these mini's! Tim's Framelits that match the Stamps from Stamper's Anonymous are the perfect pair, giving these little guys so much versatility!

We are beyond ecstatic for these new stamps and dies from Tim Holtz! If you aren’t already, make sure you’re following Tim on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for some sneak peeks, tutorials, videos, and more of these awesome new stamps and dies! Don't forget to hashtag #timholtz and #sizzix if you share your makes and projects on social media so we can see and reshare!

What crazy new makes are you going to create with these new dies and stamps from Tim Holtz?

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2 thoughts on “Who Let the Dogs Out? Available Now on Sizzix.com From Tim Holtz!”

  • Alane Jackson
    Alane Jackson Sep 27, 2016 at 08:23 am

    Hope Tim keeps creating new stamps/dies for different animals...maybe he can think about creating some penguins!

  • Shirley P Pagett
    Shirley P Pagett Sep 27, 2016 at 09:23 am

    I just love, love these dogs and cats no matter what size they are.
    Thanks for bringing them out. You and all the people at Sizzix have
    So much great talent. It is a pleasure to see your work and watch you work.

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