The Cool X-Mas Tree Substitute: A Mini Christmas Cactus!

Let's get started!

Figure 1

1. Fold a piece of green felt in half, and die-cut six cactus panels from the Barrel Cactus die. Die-cut out of pink felt a flower from the Barrel Cactus die.

Figure 2

2. Layer two cactus panels together. Machine stitch the panels together, leaving the bottom open to stuff. Repeat with the remaining cactus panels. Layer all the stitched panels together and machine stitch up the center.

Figure 3

3. Stuff each opening with fiberfill.

Figure 4

4. Using the Glue Gun, adhere the pink felt flower to the center of a pin, and adhere a white pom-pom to the center of the pink flower. Insert the pin in the top of the cactus.

Figure 5

5. Embellish the cactus and a terra-cotta pot as desired, and display the finished Barrel Cactus in the pot.

What a great space-saving substitute to Christmas trees! Place these festive cacti in your office or home to brighten up your space. Whether for Christmas or for July or both, there's no doubting how adorable this decorative piece can be.

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