Your Kitchen NEEDS These DIY Cooking Accessories

Northern Inspired Potholder and Oven Mitt with Sizzix-12

Hi Everyone, Tara here! I will admit it, I made these for Christmas. But the deer and polar bear shapes are a very trendy shape in decor and kitchenware, and can be used all winter long! 

I am the kind of person who cannot ever have too many potholders. When we're having a gathering - whether it's hot tapas, or a big roast dinner - there are heaps of pots and pans that need to be put out on the island. I can't think of a hostess or foodie who wouldn't welcome the addition of new potholders and mitts into their lives.

This project, using heat-transfer vinyl, is one that works best on a surface that either has a low-profile quilting, or no quilting at all. I'll explain more below.

Northern Inspired Potholder and Oven Mitt with Sizzix-2

I started with two winter-inspired Bigz dies. My kidlets offered to help me with this project, and Bigz dies are arguably the easiest Sizzix dies for them to use. We chose simple silhouettes, as these are the easiest to iron-on, especially when it comes to peeling up the clear backing.

My choices were the Tim Holtz Prancing Deer and the Polar Bear.

Northern Inspired Potholder and Oven Mitt with Sizzix-1

My helpers were eager to start cranking the vinyl through the machine. Ensure that you have heat-transfer vinyl, and not regular vinyl. You'll know because the heat transfer vinyl has a clear high-gloss backing - not an opaque one. If you've ever tried to iron on regular adhesive vinyl (*cough cough*), you'll soon learn the error of your ways.

Northern Inspired Potholder and Oven Mitt with Sizzix-4

We cut out our shape and then laid it flat on top of the potholder. Ensure that the glossy side is facing up. That's the backing that will be peeled away from the vinyl.

Northern Inspired Potholder and Oven Mitt with Sizzix-5

Using a hot iron, we pressed down on the vinyl with a thin layer of cotton material between the iron and the vinyl backing. This is to prevent the backing from melting or warping under the heat of the iron.

Northern Inspired Potholder and Oven Mitt with Sizzix-7

Once we were happy that the vinyl was sticking, we carefully peeled up the clear backing. Here is where you can see a small snafu with this quilted oven mitt. There are some air pockets in the vinyl where the oven mitt is quilted. While we went over the vinyl a few times, I am not sure whether this polar bear won't try to break away one day.

Northern Inspired Potholder and Oven Mitt with Sizzix-11

The reindeer - on the other hand- is much more secure on the potholder, simply because there is less space in the stitching. A flat, unquilted potholder would have the most grab; however, you may be at the mercy of what was available at your kitchen shop.

Northern Inspired Potholder and Oven Mitt with Sizzix-13

This project is a great one for kids and grownups alike! Make it in minutes, and gift it as a hostess gift, or for a special person in your life. Or, if you like to have festive oven mitts and potholders for the season, this is a great way to create personalized ones for your space!

If you check out the Bigz section of the Sizzix website, you'll see that your options are endless!


Other Materials Needed:

  • Heat-transfer vinyl
  • Hot pads and oven mitts

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