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  • Deena Ziegler

    Deena has always stored memorabilia in albums but has been "officially" scrapbooking for more than 15 years now. Her favorite scrapbooking subjects are her daughters, Niguel and Kylah, and she will always set aside time to scrapbook when they are willing to join her. Deena and her husband, Randy, have also collected many travel photos through the years, which she enjoys scrapbooking. Deena has a love of cardmaking and teaches monthly card classes at a local store and online. When Deena's not scrapbooking her personal memories, she's helping to inspire you with new techniques and creative ways to use your die-cuts.

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  • Dena Designs

    "Embellish your life" is Dena's motto, and her products, books and media exposure have reached a legion of fans that value friendship, home, family and self-expression. As President and Creative Director of Dena Designs, Inc., Dena has beautifully juggled the roles of designer, businesswoman and mom while crafting a hugely successful company, lifestyle brand and wide array of products, ranging from home décor and accessories to greeting cards, gifts, craft items, books and more. What began 20 years ago as a Bloomingdale's best-selling bedding collection is now a merchandising/media program generating multi-millions in worldwide sales.

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  • doodlebug design inc.

    Known for their impressive variety of creative products for the scrapbook industry, doodlebug design inc. offers everything from paper and stickers to buttons and ribbons - all custom manufactured and color coordinated to match their whimsical product line. Partnering with Sizzix once again for fresh and fun themes, this adorable array of products expresses all the little joys of life.

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  • Echo Park Paper Co.

    Taking their name from the location of the early Hollywood studios, the Echo Park Paper Company offers a unique, timeless approach to style, form and format. Their paper lines depict a wide range of bright and playful to images with subtle sophistication. Through an exciting partnership, Sizzix transforms some of Echo Park's most popular designs into a dazzling dies.

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  • Eileen Hull

    Eileen grew up in a large family where there was always an art project in the works. She has applied her creative thinking to all sorts of life and career events - from adjusting to thirteen military moves and raising four children to developing product lines for craft manufacturers. In 2009, Sizzix launched her first ScoreBoards™ dies, which are specially designed to cut and score matboard and thicker materials. Eileen enjoys working with recycled materials and "treasures" from thrift stores, or even better, those found on the curb! Eileen resides in Herndon, Virginia with her husband. The couple's newest addition is a vintage camper refurbished as a mobile studio, which she used to travel the country during her 2-month Paper Trail tour.

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  • Emily Tootle

    Emily joined Sizzix after completing her Graphic Design degree at the University of Chester in 2017. In her final year of University, she specialized in Surface Pattern Design. She incorporates her favorite patterns into her designs where possible, while also drawing upon current trends, textile prints and fabric. She enjoys using our dies for appliqué and to create textile-based projects. When she isn’t at work, she enjoys sewing, making cushions for the home and creating her own clothes for festivals.

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  • E.L. Smith

    E.L. worked for Ellison for more than 20 years. Along with her die designing, she also created packaging for Ellison.

    When not designing dies, she enjoys watercolor painting, gardening and spending time with her grandsons. E.L. has a great love of color, which she uses often in her painting and gardening.

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  • Emily Humble

    Emily designed for Ellison for more than 5 years. Emily was recently married when she started at Ellison and since then she has had two beautiful girls. She is a graduate of Laguna College of Art and Design where she majored in Illustration. She loves children's books and gets a lot of her inspiration from those illustrations. She loved watching and working with the girls in the art room at Ellison, who gave her lots of inspiration from their creations. While at Ellison, she did what she loved and she loved what she did.

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  • French General

    Bringing the classic look of the rural French countryside to the United States, French General is a vintage craft store/workshop located in Los Angeles, California. Specializing in beads, buttons, millinery and textiles, their French-inspired collection is all about crafting with beautiful textiles and a simple vintage color palette. Having personally combed French flea markets for many of her unique treasures, Kaari Meng, the founder and owner of French General, has designed jewelry for Anthropologie, quilt fabrics for Moda, textiles for Fabricut  and has authored several books, including French-Inspired Jewelry, The French Inspired Home, Handmade Soirees, Treasured Notions and more. Now French General teams up with Sizzix for an exciting collection to organize beads, buttons, needles and notions.

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