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eclips2: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where do I find my eCAL lite software serial number?

Find the Access Code on pg. 3 of your eclips2 User Manual and enter it at sizzix.com/eCAL-lite. A software serial number will be emailed to you. After the software is installed, the serial number will be listed on the top menu line: “Help”/“About eCAL…”

Where do I find my eCAL2 software serial number?

If you purchased the eCAL2 software by itself, the serial number is inside the paper folder of the CD case.

If you purchased the eclips2 Fabric Starter Kit or the eclips2 Fabric Essentials Kit, the serial number is on pg. 3 of your eclips2 User Manual.

Windows Software Download: After the software is installed, the serial number is listed on the top menu line: “Help”/“About eCAL…”

Apple Software Download: After the software is installed, the serial number is listed on the top menu line: “eCAL2”/“About eCAL…”

What Cutting Mat should I use?

The blue Standard Cutting Mat is made for cutting materials such as thin paper, vellum, thin patterned paper and vinyl. The Cutting Mat will also cut items such as painted canvas, chipboard, heavy, regular and glittered cardstock.

The coral Fabric Cutting Mat is made for cutting fabric materials. The Fabric Cutting Mat surface is stickier than the Standard Cutting Mat to secure and support fabric while cutting. For best results, apply an iron-on backing or fabric stabilizer prior to cutting.

Both the Standard and Blue Cutting Mats are available in 12” x 12”, and 12” x 24” length for longer projects.

How do I use the eclips2 Electronic Cutter to cut fabric?

To begin, prepare your fabric:
Using a spray-on fabric stabilizer or starch, iron your fabric flat. Place the prepared fabric smoothly on your Fabric Cutting Mat.

Use an iron-on backing and iron it on your fabric. Place your fabric smoothly on your Fabric Cutting Mat. The fabric should touch the Cutting Mat and with the iron-on backing face up toward the Cutting Blade. In the “Cutter: Cut Settings” menu, choose “Mirror H” so the finished cut piece of fabric matches the original design.

Set up your software:
Choose “Fabric” from the materials list in the “Cutter” menu. Before cutting your fabric, always perform a small test cut to check that your fabric and blade depth work together. Start with a shorter blade depth and work your way up to what you need in order to avoid cutting too deep and through your Cutting Mat.

What languages can I access with the eCAL2 software program?

At this time, English, Spanish and Portuguese are available.

How do I change the language preference in eCAL2 software?

If you wish to change the displayed language in the software, you may do the following:

  1. Open eCAL2 software
  2. Go to “Help”> “Language”
  3. Click on “Language” and select your preferred language. Close the eCAL2 software. When you reopen the software, it will be in your selected language.

What file types can I cut with the eclips2?

The eCAL lite software can cut SCAL files obtained from the software library and the eshape Store, as well as all TTF and OTF fonts installed on your computer. Trace Image, found in the FILE menu, offers an auto-trace function to create cut lines for the following file types: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG.

eCAL2 software adds the capability to import a variety of other common image file types: SVG, PDF, EPS, AI, PNG, GSD and WPC files.

eCAL2 software adds the capability to export a variety of other common image file types: SVG, PDF, EPS, AI, PNG, JPG and TIFF files.

Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee the quality of images not created or offered by Sizzix.In addition to being able to open the above file types, you may also draw your own images with user-friendly drawing tools found within the eCAL lite and eCAL2 software programs.

Can I cut fabric prepped with stabilizing fabric spray?

Yes. Quilting cotton sprayed stabilizing fabric spray cuts well with the Fabric Cutting Mat and the eclips2 Machine.

How long will my Cutting Mats last?

This depends on what each Cutting Mat is used for and how often it is used. To help preserve the longevity of your Cutting Mat, remove any material left on the Cutting Mat and store flat with the protective cover sheet on top. Cutting Mats may be washed and recoated with eclips Cutting Mat Adhesive Spray. See the instructions below or on the spray can for the use of the adhesive. To prevent cutting through Cutting Mats, we recommend a test cut before cutting your final design.

How long will my Cutting Blade last?

The blade’s longevity will depend on the materials cut and frequency of use. Glitter material and plastic are examples of thicker materials that dull blades faster than thin materials like paper. To help prolong the life of the blade, remove the blade from the blade holder and clean with Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) poured on a clean paper towel.

Can I use adhesive spray on my Cutting Mat?

Yes, eclips Cutting Mat Adhesive Spray may be used on the Standard Cutting Mat and the Fabric Cutting Mats. Clean the used Cutting Mat, removing paper scraps and fabric threads. Carefully mask the colored edges of the Cutting Mat with painter's tape, extending approximately 18" past the edge of the plastic Cutting Mat. This is to prevent any overspray on the edges of the Cutting Mat which contact the eclips2 Machine rollers. After spraying the Standard Cutting Mat, allow to dry at least five minutes before testing tackiness. The Fabric Cutting Mat will need approximately three sprays with 20-30 minutes between coats to restore its level of tackiness.

What settings do I need to change to use the 12" x 24" Cutting Mat

The software setting must be changed to use the 12" x 24" Cutting Mat. Change the Mat Size and Material Size found in the top “Cutter” menu of the software.

What is the maximum material thickness that I can cut with the machine?

The machine will feed and cut a maximum thickness of 0.5mm for paper, fabric and a variety of other materials.

What materials can I cut with the eclips2?

General Materials
The eclips2 is designed to cut a variety of materials including vinyl, paper, specialty patterned papers, cardstock, vellum, iron-on heat transfer material, fabric (when using fabric stabilizer or iron-on interfacing products) and sticker paper among other materials.

However, there is still a limitation depending on the material type's density and make up. Certain materials that are overly dense (i.e. thin metals or acetate) may not be able to be cut well or at all and can impair the blade. Certain materials that can be abrasive (such as thicker chipboard or sandpaper) may also impair the blade or dull it very quickly. Conversely, certain fibrous materials (such as select felt materials or handmade papers) may not hold together densely enough for successful cutting.

Some specific materials frequently asked about are listed below for further reference.

You may cut select fabrics (depending on their thickness) which have been prepared with either a spray on fabric stabilizer or an iron-on backing.

Iron on an interfacing product to your fabric and then place onto a Fabric Cutting Mat with the fabric side down (interfacing side facing up). Depending on the fabric, you may want to double cut your design. Double cutting can trim any threads which may be connecting your cut-out design to the rest of the fabric.

Wax Paper
The eclips2 can successfully cut wax paper or freezer paper on the “Copy Paper” material setting. Depending how new your blade is, you can even lower the blade depth to a 1 setting if it is still sharp.

What is the best way I can ensure accurate cutting?

Follow the instructions for “Laser Calibration Setup” from the top menu line under “Cutter.”

How do I use the Print-2-Cut capability?

The eclips2 offers a Print-2-Cut feature which uses printed registration marks. Print-2-Cut jobs use the eCAL2 or eCAL lite software program with cut lines associated around your images to be printed. After designing your print images and cut lines in the software, print it out with your printer. Once you have your printed image, take your printed material and feed it into the eclips2 DIY Electronic Cutter. The software will guide you to where the registration marks are on your printed material and the cutter will be able to cut your defined lines around the printed content.

If the printed registration marks show in the “Cutter”/“Preview” display on the computer screen but do not print out on the printer, check your margins. Some printers will not print within a small distance from the edge of the paper. To allow for the printer margin requirement, change the size or move your image so that registration marks, located approximately 1/4" from your image, will print.

What units of measurement does the eCAL2 software display?

The eCAL2 software can be set to display measurements in the following units:

  • Inches
  • Millimeters
  • Centimeters

How can I adjust the displayed unit of measurement?

  1. Open eCAL lite software
  2. Go to the “Properties” menu / “Document” on the far right side
  3. Go to “Units”
  4. Select the desired unit type


  1. Open eCAL2 software
  2. Go to the “Properties” menu on the far right side
  3. Select the top White Paper icon
  4. Go to “Units”
  5. Select the desired unit type

Where can I find keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcut commands are located across from the full command name in the software dropdown menus.

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