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Sizzix - Product FAQs


Warranty, Replacement and Repair

How do I activate my warranty?

Please contact Customer Service for any warranty questions. To review the warranty on your product, please check our Product Warranties page.

How do I repair my machine/send my product in for repairs?

Please contact Customer Service to obtain replacement parts and instructions for repairing your machine.

I need replacement parts for my machine, such as feet or a screw. Can I purchase these?

Yes. Please contact Customer Service to purchase these items.

Should I oil the roller gears to make sure the machine keeps going?

No, it's not necessary to oil the roller gears or to perform any other internal maintenance on your machine.


Product Features and Comparison

What are the differences between your die-cutting machines?

You can easily compare the features of our die-cutting machines here.

What accessories are compatible with my machine?

To find a list of available accessories, locate the product listing for your machine on sizzix.com, and click on the Accessories link.

Why can't the Precision Base Plate be used in the Big Shot Plus Machine?

The Big Shot Plus Machine has step roller technology. Using the Precision Base Plate with this machine creates too much pressure on the "sandwich."

How do I know what size a die-cut shape will be?

The dimensions for die-cut shapes are listed on the product packaging and on the website product listing under "Design Dimensions."


Product Use

What is the best Sizzix® "sandwich" to use for Thinlits? Embossing? Jewelry? Etc.?

Please refer to the sandwich instructions printed on your machine's platform or to the instructions that came with your die. Sandwich instructions can also be found on the website product listing for each die and in the manual for each Sizzix die-cutting machine. Locate your machine's manual.

My Cutting Pads keep bending. Is there a way to flatten my Cutting Pads if they warp?

To extend the life of your Cutting Pads, make sure you flip the pads with each use to ensure even wear and tear. Also, be sure to use the entire surface of the pad instead of placing your dies in the same spot with each use.

My Cutting Pads are marked and are now marking my design. What can I do?

Extensive wear and tear can render Cutting Pads unusable. You can purchase replacement Cutting Pads from your local Sizzix® Authorized Retailer or from sizzix.com.

My Thinlits/Framelits/chemically etched die is curved and is not cutting properly. What can I do?

Please contact Customer Service for troubleshooting.

My card/paper sticks in the die. What should I do?

Make sure to periodically clean Bigz or Originals dies with the Die Pick. Thinlits and Framelits can be cleaned with the Die Brush.

I use all my Big Shot Machine accessories in my Big Shot Plus Machine. Will this affect the rollers/pressure of the machine?

With the exception of the Precision Base Plate, all the accessories for the Big Shot Machine work in the Big Shot Plus Machine.

Because the Pop 'n Cuts Base Tray dies are obsolete, are there any alternatives?

You can use the Movers & Shapers Base Tray or the Movers & Shapers Shuttle as an alternative.

My die is cutting where it should be folding/creasing.

When using dies with a crease rule, replace one of the Cutting Pads with a Premium Crease Pad. Crease Pads are compatible with Bigz, Movers & Shapers and Originals dies.

Where can I find assembly instructions for my product?

Assembly instructions are included with each die. You can also find instructions for your product here.


Material Compatibility

What materials can I use in my Sizzix® die-cutting machine?

The materials you can cut in your machine depend on the type of die you are using. View our complete list of materials.

What is the thickest material you can cut with Bigz and Originals dies?

As a rule of thumb, anything that can be cut with a pair of scissors can be cut by Sizzix® Bigz and Originals dies.

What is the thickest material you can cut with a Sizzlits® Decorative Strip Die?

120lb cardstock.

Is there a maximum paper weight (GSM) for cutting with wafer-thin Thinlits or Framelits dies?

110lb cardstock (200GSM) is the maximum recommended paper weight for wafer-thin dies. Thicker cardstock could result in damage to the die or the machine due to pressure.

What is the thickest metal that can be embossed?

The following gauges work best with our DecoEmboss dies:

  • Copper and brass: 28G
  • Alkemè and aluminum: 25G
  • Nickel: 30G
  • Alloy: It depends on what it is in the alloy. For example, if the alloy has a high percentage of nickel, then approximately 30G would work, but if it is high in aluminum, then 25G would work.

Can I use my machine to decorate food? I have been told you can cut very thin icing with Bigz dies.

Sizzix® products are not designed for use with food of any kind.



Are any Sizzix® products recyclable?

Essentially, all of our products are made with some components that are recyclable. Items that are made of a single material, such as Cutting Pads and Embossing Folders, are fully recyclable.

Are any products made with common allergens like latex?


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