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Website FAQs

Will any web browser work at Sizzix.com?
Almost any web browser will allow you to browse the Sizzix.com website. However, in order to shop online and check out successfully at Sizzix.com, you must be using an up-to-date web browser that supports JavaScript.

We recommend the lastest version Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. You can download the current versions of either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer by clicking on the appropriate icon below:

Does Sizzix.com use cookies?
Yes. Our online ordering process needs to use cookies to remember the merchandise you have in your shopping cart.

We also track the link that you followed to our site, typically from a search engine or an affiliate. This allows us to better determine the effectiveness of our search engine listings and promotions.

We are not looking for where YOU as a customer came from but are looking for trends of how people locate our site. This allows us to better direct our marketing efforts. This information is not released to any outside agencies.

Is Sizzix.com a secure website?
Verisign Secure Server ID installed ensuring that all information sent to Sizzix.com during an SSL session is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties.

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